Abbey Exterior

By RAW Stones

PRODUCT Information

The Abbey Exterior varies in dimensions, these are laid in a so called wild context.

The Abbey Exterior has a thickness of about 2.2cm, and is available in a mix of 7 same shades as our indoor floors. Our Abbey Exterior tile is very suitable to lay around swimming pools, on your terrace or driveway and can be easily processed or applied by a gardener by means of bonding.

Our Abbey Exterior is subject to maintenance and must be equipped with our protector, depending on the type of use and pollution.

The production process is completely in-house, enabling us to deliver custom work and floors made completely to your liking.

In this way you get a unique floor with a characteristic and warm appearance in your home or commercial space.

All Raw Stones are supplied with a thickness of 8 to 10mm.
Our floors are subject to maintenance.

Maintenance and technical description
Maintenance and technical description Abbey Exterior
Installation Instructions Rawstones
Installation Instructions video youtube
Installation Instructions Rawstones

RAW STONES are available IN the colors:

Concrete, Mud, Clay, Volcano, Fossil, Minural en Tunder.


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