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For inspiration:

Let yourself inspire and see a compilation of our executed projects


RAW STONES are available IN the colors:

Concrete, Mud, Clay, Volcano, Fossil, Minural and Tunder.

  • 1. Concrete
  • 2. Mud
  • 3. Clay
  • 4. Volcano
  • 5. Fossil
  • 6. Minural
  • 7. Tunder

What makes RAW Stones unique?

First of all, the composition consists of natural materials ensuring a very durable floor that you can enjoy for many years.

Furthermore, RAW Stones floors are very easy to maintain and particularly suitable for commercial spaces. Thanks to its minimal thickness the use of underfloor heating is also possible. The composition of RAW Stones conducts heat in an excellent way.

RAW Stones floors

RAW Stones are available in the types: ‘Terpstra’, ‘Abbey (XXL)’ , ‘Waaltjes’ and ‘Triple & Trapist.

RAW Stones can be supplied with a special coating, making the floor very suitable for bathrooms and wellness areas.

The production process is completely in-house, enabling us to deliver custom work and floors made completely to your liking. In this way you get a unique floor with a characteristic and warm appearance in your home or commercial space.


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